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1. Flow drops and anti-fogging capacity can last for 3-5 years. It can effectively reduce the greenhouse's humidity and reduce the incidence of pests and diseases, and people feel comfortable working in the greenhouse.
2、Excellent transmittance performance:high-tech cutting-edge technology, polymer synthesis, over 92% light transmission rate. The second year of use is still up to 90% transmittance. Heating up is fast in the morning, and good insulation at night. The effect is obvious especially in the winter, continuous cloudy and fog weather. The temperature can be brought up by a short light.
3. Good heat preservation: As a special insulation is used, the external radiation heat is basically reflected back. It can then uphold the temperature effectively. The temperature is 2-3 degrees higher at night under the same conditions than EVA, basically the same with PVC. It ensures continuous crop production under low temperature, and shortens maturity. It can effectively prevent the temperature dips at night that cause frost damage on crops.
4. Anti-static, non-stick dust:nanotechnology, four-layer structure, anti-static treated surface, no precipitates, little dust absorption, long-term effect of maintaining high light transmission.
5. Reduce pests and diseases, pollution-free vegetable production: It gives shed adequate light, quick to mention warm, leaks early, reduce the relative humidity, pests and diseases on the light. Ultraviolet light through the high, bactericidal properties, and can reduce the number of drugs 30%. It is very suitable for green vegetables.
6. Specially designed for rolling machines, wear-resistant, anti-wind: benefited from the use of high-tech US Exxon polyolefin material, 0.08mm film is stronger than the national standard 0.12mm indicators. Tensile wear-resistance, strong wind resistance, especially for rolling machines.
7. Anti-aging, high strength, long-life: 0.1mm thick "PO" life of up to 3 years. It can be used continuously for many years.
8. Production increase and marketing advance
Good transmission performance, active photosynthesis and high temperature make increasing production available. It can be increased about 10%-25%. Crop grows fast, generally can be listed ahead of 5-10 days.

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