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Greenhouse Film
Item: LDPE/EVA agriculture film for green house.
Materials: PE/LDPE/LLDPE/EVA only Virgin plastic, no recycled materials mixed.
Composition: LDPE and EVA, 3 layer co-extrusion compound, added special additive to improve the function.
Specification: thickness: 0.06-0.20mm, Width: 2-20m.
Color: transparent.
Feature: the special effect of anti-mist and anti-drip can keep 6 months time or more. Anti-aging effect with UV treated to improve the working life reach to 24 months or more.
Application: used for agriculture green house or other agriculture purpose.
Packing: roll packing in wove bag or packing in pallet
Main markets: Mid East, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe
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